Mimosa Exotics - Texas Dall Sheep
We have too many animals and the sheep have to go!
Total Flock Sale - 23 animals - $3,500

    Our Texas Dall Sheep flock is the product of a two year culling and breeding program that started with 12 animals.  They have been maintained on a quarterly worming program (Ivomec/Safeguard), excellent pasture (20 acres), and supplementary feed.  All lambs born over the past year (50% twins) have been white.  The flock includes a 37" trophy ram (Rhambeaux - pictured below), a 22" breeding ram (Maximus - pictured below - selected for color and rapid horn growth), 11 mature ewes, 4 yearling rams, 4 young rams (2002), and two young ewes (2002).  This flock is set to generate a high quality product.

Rhambeaux I (36.5" horn, May, 2002)

Maximus (21.5" horn, February, 2002)